Busk a Gut - Street Magic Workshop


2018 Dates to be announced
TIME - 10 - 4:00
DATES - 6th April 2017

2017 - Lancaster.

Over the past fifteen years Joel has busked and performed on the streets throughout the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. Joel prides himself on building big audiences and standing out at every festival he performs at, a big audience means a big hat. A big hat means money is being made.

Busk a Gut includes
- Crowd psychology
- Tricks for the street
- Audience building techniques
- Making BIG money
Hold your audience
- Show construction
Differences in shows (festivals, streets and fairs etc)
Joel will share two of his traditional street routines, these routines are practical, adaptable and ideal for the traveling magician and more importantly they're ten minutes of gold. Joel will also share street locations which are ideal to make big money whilst performing on the street as well as getting your show right.

The 'Busk a Gut' workshop will bring you know-how from many years of experience. 

Busk a Gut is not intended for inexperienced entertainers. So, if you are a performer interested in performing on the street, but you're unsure of certain elements then this is for you. 
The workshop will leave you with a clear and practical insight of how to perform a street show and have you ready to prepare and adapt existing routines for summer 2017.
Joel will also look at your routines which you intend to perform on the street and help make them busker friendly.
Do not miss the opportunity of sharing the knowledge of one of the UK's few successful street magicians.
Any queries just get in touch : [email protected] dot co dot uk
 £215.00 (net)
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