Joel Dickinson

Joel Dickinson is a full time magician based in the Lancashire, England. Joel has been performing magic since the age of ten years old and he started his career aged just sixteen. 

Joels first hit release was Horosecrets in 2009. Since then Joel has released many fantastic effects including Firefly, Volition and Triveal.

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Michael Murray

At the age of seven Michael traveled to Spain on holiday with his parents, and it was there that he witnessed close up magic for the very first time; this was an event that would change the entire course of his life.

At the age of sixteen Michael released his first commercial effect “Beyond ESP” which to date has sold in excess of fifteen thousand copies. Having attracted the attention of several world class performers including Max Maven, Richard Osterlind and Banachek he quickly established himself amongst his peers.

In 2016 Michael released his first book “A Piece of My Mind” which was crowned book of the year (as voted by the members of the magic cafe) and was also listed as one of the top ten mentalism releases of the year at the “Market Place of the Mind”.

Michael is widely regarded as one of the most respected creators of both magic and mentalism and with countless releases in the pipeline his future in this art looks very bright.

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