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I used to perform the origional Sybil's Pick handling for shows, it always got great reactions but the set up and switch was too heavy.
A couple of months or so later I stoped performing it, the origional handling worked but it was convoluted and cluttered.

I decided to streamline the effect and I was pretty amazed with the results. The performance below demonstrates how your volunteers see the effect. The performance and method are both password protected, this is only for respect for people who have purchased Mind Blasters.

For the password simply fill in the form below and include where/who you originally purchased Mind Blasters 2 from and I will send you the passwords for both the performance and the explanation by email.

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MindBlasters - Sybils Pick
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Performance :

Sybils Pick MindBlasters 2 from joel on Vimeo.

Method/Handling :


Thoughts :

Note in the performance I place one envelope in my mouth. In reality, I wouldn't do that. I would keep it in the hands, I did this to demonstrate how free the handling is, it is only a performance to demonstrate the handling.

Sybils Pick has just become twice as smooth and easy to perform. The predictions i'm using are business card sized predictions. Alternative ideas for presentations are :

ESP Symbols - explain the envelopes contain various symobls and have the participant choose which envelope they think have which symbols and have them draw them on to the envelopes.

You don't have to write on the envelopes for an effect. You can have the predictions - wallet, phone and magician! Every time an envelope is selected have your participant place an object on top of each envelope.

Names - find out your participants names ahead of time and personalise the messages in the prediction, at a wedding a table plan will really help with this.

Bank night - can your participants find the money. They end up with I.O.U's and the magician wins the cash?

There are so many alternative presentations for this.