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chopping block by joel dickinson

The Chopping Block by Joel Dickinson

Includes a beautfully hand made mini chop cup and a matching solid cup designed to Joel Dickinson's specifications. Also includes chopped & unchopped balls, a high quality velvet bag and all unique final loads.

This is a chop cup routine that will astound your audience and it builds to a powerhouse finale sequence, your audience really won't know what has hit them.

You introduce your hand made chop cup & crochet ball. Your spectators are in awe as they watch the ball vanish & reapear. Then two loads appear. You could leave it there but there's more as a third load appears in the cup but only this time its SUPER SIZE and it happens in THEIR hands. Then you hit them hard as the cup magically becomes a completely SOLID CUP in THEIR hands. And it's EASY to do!

Above is just one of the routines. The Chopping Block does not stop there. It includes a HD Video & audio download with additional routines, handling tips, nuances and unique chop cup methodology teachings that will elivate not only your Chopping Block routine but your existing and future chop cup routines.

Also includes TWO amazing touches from the creative Dave Loosley.

Are you ready for the Chopping Block?